Womencare Counseling Center

1740 Ridge Avenue Suite 201, Evanston, IL 60201

(847) 475-7003


Womencare provides individual, group, couple, and family counseling, as well as sponsoring educational and professional workshops. We offer counseling to children and adolescents ages 4-21 and their families. Womencare is home to a team of skilled, licensed clinicians trained in the treatment of the complex issues of childhood and adolescence. Therapists use a variety of counseling techniques and tools that are chosen based upon each child’s unique strengths and vulnerabilities as well as their presenting issues. Treatment may include: play therapy, individual talk therapy, family therapy, and a range of creativity-based interventions, including art therapy, drama and role-play, journaling and poetry.

Children and adolescents seek counseling at Womencare for many reasons including:

  • self-esteem
  • peer pressure and bullying
  • eating disorders and body image issues
  • loss of a family member
  • physical, emotional or sexual abuse
  • school phobias
  • self injury
  • adjustment to divorce and blended families

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