Family Focus Evanston

2010 Dewey, Evanston, IL 60201

(847) 475-7570

Counseling for youth and families, substance abuse prevention, academic support, mentoring, advocacy, after school programs, sports education/summer camps, services in languages other than English.

Located in the Weisshourd-Holmes Center in Evanston, our place offers programs for adolescents, pregnant and parenting teens, foster parents/children, grandparents raising grandchildren and others. The key components of our program include:

  • educational, medical and support services
  • peer and professional mentoring/support groups- health and child development workshops
  • case management, referral and home visits

One response

23 02 2012
Charletta Erb

Dear Family Focus Director:

On behalf of Restorative Justice Evanston (RJE), and as a concerned citizen and volunteer, I want to share with you about our work to promote restorative practices in this community. I hope you’ll be moved to get involved!

First, let me give you an introduction to restorative justice principles. Restorative justice looks for a creative ways to solve problems or set things right after a crime or conflict. Rather than focusing on crimes committed and punishments do, it looks for ways to rehabilitate and restore individuals who are involved. Here’s a comparison with criminal justice to further explain:

Restorative Justice Criminal Justice
Definition: Doing justice by repairing the harm that is caused by crime Definition: Doing justice by identifying the offender and sentencing the offender to punishment
Focus: Victim’s needs and offender’s responsibilities to repair Focus: Offenders getting what they deserve
Three questions:
1. Who has been hurt?
2. What are their needs?
3. Who is obligated to meet those needs? Three questions:
1. What law was broken?
2. Who did it?
3. What do they deserve?
– From The Little Book of Restorative Justice, Howard Zehr

As you’ll find in the attached/enclosed information, Restorative Justice Evanston provides problem-solving tools and a safe places for difficult conversations between community members through schools, the police department, and volunteer efforts around the community. Since 2007, we have grown as a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization. Now we find it is time to sustain our efforts by pursuing non-profit status in order to:
• Build capacity for our mission through hiring staff
• Track finances with a tax deductible account
• Write grants with strong standing, demonstrating viability of our efforts

To accomplish non-profit status we need:
• Advisory Board members with a variety of experiences and skills
• Legal and financial help to complete the application process
• Advice on organizational development and business planning

Through your role in the Evanston business community, you have knowledge and connections that we greatly need. Your members may be able to help us identify strong candidates for an advisory board. You may know of individuals who care about promoting restorative justice practices.

So we want to invite you to come learn more about RJE, to let us get to know you, and discuss ways of promoting restorative practices in Evanston. Please look over the attached/enclosed materials and consider further conversation with us. We hope to hear from you soon!

Respectfully yours in peace,

Rita Mardell Pope
Restorative Justice Evanston
847-440-4RJE (4753)

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